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ROHO Hybrid Elite Sensor Ready Cushion Single Valve

by: ROHO

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  • Standard Cover
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Model Number:

Additional Options: Extra Cover - $52.00
Heavy Duty/Incontinent Cover - $72.00
Smartcheck Device - $146.00

Product Description


The Hybrid Elite SR™ Cushion combines the skin and soft tissue protection and Shape Fitting Technology® of a ROHO DRY FLOATATION® cushion with the stability from a contoured foam base. The shape-fitting cushion insert provides critical pressure redistribution, allowing for immersion of the entire pelvis.

New with the Hybrid Elite SR is its Sensor Ready capability. This allows the cushion to easily connect with ROHO’s exclusive Smart Check® device. This helps individuals find the proper inflation level to minimize tissue deformation and facilitate blood flow.


      • Facilitates the prevention of pressure injuries
      • Facilitates wound healing
      • Decreases friction and shear
      • Increases stability for postural control, transfers and lower extremity positioning
      • Adjusts to individual’s position over time
      • Connects to Smart Check, the world’s first personal electronic inflation monitor, through exclusive quick-disconnect port


Confidence and Independence Available only with Smart Check: Take the guesswork out of checking the inflation level of your cushion. Even as your body changes, the optional Smart Check allows you to verify the inflation level to ensure optimal performance and protection.

Positioning: The contoured foam base provides the opportunity for both lower extremity and pelvic alignment and control.

Skin/Soft Tissue Protection: The Hybrid Elite SR cushion hydrostatically loads the ischial tuberosities and posterior shelf of the greater trochanters for those who are at risk of pressure injuries. The adjustable cushion reduces friction and shear, helping protect you from skin/soft tissue breakdown. It allows for up to 2.75 inches (7 cm) of immersion.

Stability: The contoured foam base provides a solid support under the pelvis and lower extremities to enhance sitting balance and posture. This may also allow for easier transfers in and out of your wheelchair.

Designed for People who:

    • Have a history of, are at risk for, or currently have any stage pressure injury
    • Want assistance with setting up their cushion
    • Have normal or impaired sensation
    • Require increased sitting stability
    • Require a more stable environment for transfers
    • Require lower extremity alignment

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