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ROHO SelectAir Low Air Loss MattressSystem

by: ROHO

Model Number:

Accessories: Standard Reusable Cover (Standard Size) - $550.00
SelectAir Replacement Mattress - $1100.00

Product Description

The SelectAir Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System is quiet, portable, lightweight, cost-effective and very reliable. If individuals require microclimate control, then SelectAir Low Air Loss Systems are the solution.

  • Helps manage microclimate of the skin and improve moisture dissipation.
  • Firm Mattress Mode helps facilitate nursing care during dressing changes and repositioning of the individual.
  • Upright Mode gives added support when the head of the bed is elevated.
  • Foot pillow helps cushion the foot.
  • The zippered cover is fluid-resistant and vapor permeable.

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